Services - Adolescents (ages 11-17)

Adolescent Services

Navigating Emotional Wellness

At Time For A Change Counseling, we are deeply committed to assisting adolescents aged 11-17 who face the challenges of anxiety and depression. Recognizing these formative years are fraught with emotional turbulence, our approach is tailored to meet each adolescent where they are. We provide a compassionate and understanding space where they can openly discuss their feelings, fears, and challenges. 

Our therapists employ evidence-based strategies to help these young individuals develop coping mechanisms, aimed at not just temporary relief but long-term emotional resilience. By focusing on individual strengths and potential, we strive to elevate their mood, enhance their coping skills, and foster a profound sense of self-worth and optimism about the future.

Enhancing Social and Family Dynamics

Building effective social skills and nurturing positive family relationships are critical aspects of adolescent development. Our services are designed to address these vital areas, helping adolescents to improve their interactions with peers and family members alike. Through personalized counseling sessions, we explore issues of self-esteem, communication, and interpersonal relationships. 

Our goal is to empower adolescents to express themselves confidently and navigate social situations with ease. Additionally, we work to strengthen family bonds, encouraging open communication and understanding among family members. This holistic approach aims not only to resolve current conflicts but also to lay a strong foundation for healthy relationships in the future.