Pre-Marital, Marriage, & Couple’s Counseling

Couple’s Counseling Services

Building Strong Foundations

In his Pre-Marital, Marriage, & Couple’s Counseling services, Chad employs his certification as a Prepare / Enrich facilitator to not only enrich relationships but also to fortify them against future challenges.

Drawing upon the personal insight gained from a thriving 30-year marriage to his wife, Christy, Chad offers couples proven strategies for enhancing their connection and mutual understanding. His counseling sessions are designed to help couples identify their strengths, address areas for growth, and set realistic, achievable goals for their relationship, ensuring a strong foundation for a fulfilling marriage.

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Navigating Together

Chad brings an extensive background in counseling and pastoral ministry, spanning over 25 years, to his work with couples. His experience is instrumental in guiding couples through the complexities of marital life, from communication breakdowns to conflict resolution. 

Chad’s approach is compassionate, insightful, and tailored to meet the specific needs of each couple. By fostering a supportive environment where partners can openly share and work through their challenges, Chad helps couples strengthen their bond, renew their commitment, and navigate their journey together with confidence and love.

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