Services - Children (ages 2-10)

Children Services

Understanding Your Child's World

Our play-based therapy services offer a warm and inviting space where children aged 2-10 can explore and understand their emotions and behaviors through play. This approach not only targets the enhancement of self-confidence and mood regulation but also deeply respects the individuality of each child. 

Through imaginative and creative play, our skilled therapists work to uncover underlying issues, fostering a sense of security and belonging. Children learn to express themselves, recognize their emotions, and begin to develop healthier ways of interacting with their world. This nurturing environment encourages personal growth and emotional development, laying the foundation for a happier, more balanced childhood.

Building Skills for a Brighter Future

At Time For A Change Counseling, we recognize the importance of equipping children with the skills necessary to navigate both their internal world and their external relationships. Our sessions are designed to address specific behavioral challenges such as explosiveness, lack of self-direction, and difficulties in listening and cooperation. 

Using a variety of play-based therapeutic techniques, we help children learn how to effectively problem-solve, cooperate with others, and express their needs and feelings in constructive ways. This proactive approach not only addresses immediate behavioral concerns but also aims to build a set of lifelong skills. These skills empower children to face future challenges with resilience, understanding, and a positive outlook, setting them on a path toward a successful and fulfilling life.